The Power- Air Cooler, Personal Fan
Based on Extrusion Concept
by Kingson Lee
LuvMeSweet Pte Ltd. Singapore
"The Power" is an Air Cooler, Air Injector, or Personal Air Cooler based on the Extrusion Concept.

It is a highly configurable device that can be made for each specific purposes.

For Example, this device can be designed to be:

1) A Personal Cooling Unit. Powered by Solar Cells & rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. Solid State Cooling cannot be used in such a smaller device.

2) Individual, Self Contained, Self Powered, Near Zero Maintenance Air Injector or Air Cooler for Industrial Cooling Purposes.

The size of the device can be adjusted to each specific needs.

The Air is "Extruded" from the Side Air Intakes to the Air Injection Ports (or called a Die in Extrusion Systems) at the front of the device.

A Solid State Cooling Circuit can be installed after the Side Air Intake to provide a constant, controllable cool air to cool the DC Motor, Lithium Ion Batteries and Cool Air to the outside target location. The heat from the Thermoelectric Elements can dissapates to the side of the device. An example of the Thermoelectric Elements can be "Thin film silicon germanium-based microrefrigerators".

Solar Cells and the control board can be installed at the end of the device. Lithium Ion Batteries can be installed at the wall of the device after the Extrusion Unit.

For Out Door Cooling, power can be provided by the Solar Cells. At the same time the Lithium Ion Batteries can be charged. At night the device will be powered by the Lithium Ion Batteries for about 8 to 10 hours.

The Device can be made of PolyCarbonate by Plastic Injection Molding Method.

The Extrusion Unit can be made of PolyCarbonate. The Extrusion Screw will be made of Anodized Aluminum Alloy in Blue or Red Color. It can be milled by CNC. The tip of the extrusion screw is freed so as not to affect the extrusion air pressure profile. The Shaft should be installed with minimum play.

The Extrusion Unit will be powered by a DC Moter Unit. The motor should be able to produce at least 1500 rpm.

LuvMeSweet can finalize the design according to specific needs. The Electronics will be sourced from outside suppliers.

Note: The Designer of LuvMeSweet Pte Limited, Kingson Lee ( a Professional Industrial Chemist and Designer) had personally installed two Extrusion Feed Mill plants in Hong Kong and China made by a US company before. His plastic plant however is using Plastic Injection Molding, not Extrusion type.

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